With its extended records and complex community, the Arabic Kingdom is actually a global filled up with a whole lot ponder and imagination.

With its extended records and complex community, the Arabic Kingdom is actually a global filled up with a whole lot ponder and imagination.

With its extended records and complex community, the Arabic Kingdom is actually a global filled up with a whole lot ponder and imagination.

Their special and powerful tradition provides stirred beautiful labels worth recognition since their origins.

Therefore, if you’re looking to find just a beautiful label for the baby woman but a name with a happy records, Arabic lady brands will undoubtedly attract your. Discover all those things the center eastern is offering and finally discover label meant for their valuable new baby.

100 Breathtaking Arabic Names for Girls

Picking out the best Arabic term for your daughter starts now!


  • Source: Arabic
  • Meaning: Highborn, exalted, sublime
  • Enunciation: Ah-lee-ah
  • Differences: Aliya, Alia
  • Namesakes: Aaliyah Dana Haughton, an US vocalist, celebrity, performer, and product paid for assisting https://datingmentor.org/std-dating/ to redefine contemporary R&B, pop, and rap, getting her the nicknames “Princess of R&B” and “Queen of Urban Pop.”
  • Recognition: Aaliyah try a fashionable name in the US, because it ranked #65 there in 2020.

Aaliyah is actually a pretty, female title that “lift their up” (making use of meaning becoming exalted) throughout the girl lives. If you think that genealogy and family history and social waiting are essential, title Aaliyah can be a choose to suit your child.


  • Beginning: Arabic
  • Meaning: a person who is alive, better, and pleased
  • Enunciation: Ah-EE-shah, AY-shah
  • Variants: Aiesha, Aieshah, Aeisha
  • Namesakes: Aisha, the girlfriend associated with the prophet Muhammad. Aisha Tyler, an US actress, comedian, manager, and chat tv series variety noted for playing Andrea Marino in the 1st month of Ghost Whisperer and Dr. Tara Lewis in Criminal brains.
  • Popularity: Aisha is a pretty common name rated #581 in the US at the time of 2020.

Aisha is the best Arabic girl’s title for mothers wishing their little girl will receive all happiness lifestyle has to offer. There’s a feeling of boldness into the label, rendering it fitting for kid girl produced to a family group of strong people.


  • Beginning: Arabic
  • Indicating: Clever, vibrant, intelligent
  • Enunciation: A-ki-lah, Ah-kee-lah
  • Differences: Akila, Akiela, Aqila, Akili
  • Namesakes: Akilah Hughes, an United states blogger, comedian, YouTuber, podcaster, and celebrity acknowledged an electronic digital correspondent for MTV, HBO, combination TV, and funny core.
  • Popularity: Akilah are a rather rare term and its own latest standing was in 2014 at #3329.

A lot of moms and dads place focus on knowledge, teachers, and success with regards to their kids. If you wish for the child to grow into a lady who is well-spoken, very educated, and an achiever in her own lifetime, Akilah is an excellent title choice for their.

  • Source: Arabic, Russian, Turkish
  • Meaning: Noble
  • Pronunciation: Aa-LYAA, AL-yaa
  • Variants: Aalya
  • Namesakes: Alya Manasa, a well known Tamil TV celebrity famous for playing the role of ‘Semba’ from inside the Tamil TV serial Raja Rani (2017).
  • Appeal: Alya are rather popular in the US, rating #1564 within the popularity list in 2020.

Alya is an easy to pronounce, fairly Arabic girl identity that’s well-suited to moms and dads just who believe their family name is of higher significance.

  • Source: Arabic
  • Meaning: Hope, longing, want
  • Pronunciation: A-mal
  • Variations: Amahl, Amel, Amala
  • Namesakes: Amal Clooney, a Lebanese-British barrister dedicated to international legislation and individual rights.
  • Recognition: Amal try a rather popular identity in the US at #1105 since 2020.

Amal try a reputation that portrays longing, want, and a cure for things. As a result, in case you are parents that have waited and longed for your baby girl, you will probably find this label completely suitable for your beautiful bundle of joy.


  • Origin: African, Arabic
  • Meaning: desires, aspirations
  • Style: Vintage, Antique, Classic
  • Pronunciation: A-ma-ni
  • Modifications: Amana, Imani
  • Namesakes: Amani al-Khatahtbeh, a Palestinian/Jordanian-American author, activist, tech business person, therefore the president of MuslimGirl.com.
  • Recognition: Amani ranked as a fairly common identity in the usa at #655 at the time of 2020.

Amani try a beautiful and strong title with a wishful and upbeat aspect. If you would like a pretty label for your kid lady that reminds the lady of exactly how much your expected and wished-for the lady introduction, Amani is an excellent possibility. An attractive nickname to utilize with Amani is actually Ami.


  • Beginning: Greek, Arabic
  • Indicating: endless cosmetic, immediate reports
  • Pronunciation: Ah-Marr-ah
  • Variations: Amarra
  • Namesakes: Amara Karan, a Brit celebrity which generated their movies introduction as Rita in Wes Anderson’s The Darjeeling brief.
  • Appeal: Amara peaked as a prominent title all over the world at #136 in 2019. By 2020, Amara ranks #141 in 2020 internationally.

Amara, because of its meaning, is the perfect name for moms and dads which feel their unique kids woman will be best lady worldwide for them. If you would like their child understand so just how stunning you might think she is, naming this lady Amara is a lovely alternatives.


  • Origin: Arabic
  • Indicating: Honest, trustworthy
  • Enunciation: Ah-mee-Nah
  • Variations: Ameena, Amena, Amineh, Amna
  • Namesakes: Amina J. Mohammed, a Nigerian diplomat and politician providing while the fifth Deputy Secretary-General associated with the un.
  • Appeal: a popular identity, Amina rated #330 in the usa at the time of 2020.

Amina was an original however popular label with an attractive deep and thus alludes to ethics, trust, and protection. If you are part of a household that values trustworthiness and confidence between nearest and dearest, Amina was a lovely selection for your baby girl. What’s a lot more, usually Ami and Mina were lovely nicknames you can use.


  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: one that is a good friend
  • Pronunciation: A-ni-sah
  • Variations: Anis, Anise, Anissa, Aanisah
  • Appeal: Anisah is an uncommon name since the last standing last year at #3666.

As labeled as Anisah will be considered “one who is an effective friend,” and that is one of the more amazing personality you could hope for inside their child. If you dream about your infant female becoming your positive and good friend, naming the girl Anisah try a stunning preference. Ani is a lovely nickname to pair with Anisah.

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