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We used my very own photographs. I am a body builder and in the morning proud of my body system and so I have numerous shirtless picture of myself personally right up. I will be men, and according to my lawyers alongside appropriate organizations it is far from illegal for one to share shirtless images of himself. However, this business enjoys informed me these are generally "pornographic" - that I have now been assured by many people various organizations that they're NOT. They FREQUENTLY revise and crop my personal pictures so anything you discover is a huge face as my default photo. At the same time, truly perfectly acceptable for additional customers to utilize shirtless pictures, images with the sky, rainbows, birds, and everything else in the sunshine which cannot program their unique face obviously. This company has a person that operates there (as well as geek seznamka geek stránka you should never provide their particular names) which takes fantastic take pleasure in modifying my personal photos in order that they become rendered definitely useless. I was informed that was illegal and I also have actually my lawyers about this instance whilst We write. They are hypocrites within the truest sense of the word. They enable blatant photos of some, not people. This one moderator seems to have they set for me, and it is busting every law in the publication. As I give them proof and proof their unlawful tasks, i am met with a generic feedback and absolutely nothing actually alters. This website is under research by many people events with regards to their blatant favoritism towards some therefore the abuse of others. I have attached two photos. You can view the insanity of the cropping and editing.