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At the 13, Californian Lily Feldman and her co-worker is actually celebrating their bat mitzvahs, an effective Jewish rite away from passage noted having official top events. Although regarding this lady nearest and dearest try tottering around inside desirable pumps, Lily - just who prioritizes comfort more trend - dressed in ballet flats to the girl solution, accessorizing the lady nights class skirt with Vans boots.

New york-built psychologist and Hunter College professor Kathryn Stamoulis, who focuses primarily on lady teenage sexuality, said putting on a costume too advanced level too soon - and you can convinced that the well worth was tied to how you look - are privately regarding issues eg anxiety, stress and you will notice-consciousness

“I believe lucky that Lily has not planned to try out heels yet,” said mom Nikki Feldman. “In my experience, 13 is simply too young to get wear her or him; children you to definitely ages are playing around and having enjoyable, in addition to their legs commonly used to the form out-of an effective back.